Stories of a Durhamite


Almost here.
Okay so I’m watching the #blackinkcrew episode from last night right? This dude had the nerve to bring all three of his baby mamas together to talk things out. The two out of the three don’t even like and fought each other last season. Then says, “I don’t wanna be here right now.” THIS WAS YOUR IDEA!! YOU KNEW THIS WAS GONNA HAPPEN WHEN THE LAST ONE STARTED TO JOIN THE FIRST TWO!! FIRST THE COURT DATES NOW THIS!!They don’t call him o’sh.. for nothing. He really needs to get it together. #blackinkcrew
Good morning everyone. 😃
My show is back by popular demand! #theboondocks
Miss fancy herself, @thenewclassic on 106 & Park.
no money, no family. 16 in the middle of Miami. I like how she talked about her struggle by leave her native Australia to move to America to start a new life. Look where she is now. Making music and doing big things. Ready for The New Classic to drop tomorrow. It’s been long overdue for Iggy to drop this album after the EPs came out. She’s one of the artists that I want to see on my concert bucket list. #iggyazalea #work #thenewclassic
As much as I love suits, some of them must go. Sweater vests too. #springcleaning
That’s we get down every Sunday for Sunday dinner.
Since when did the kitchen become a restaurant? Smh. #epicfail

Watching the kids Easter egg hunting. Brings back so many memories. #happyeaster